A frame tent provides the versatility to work in any situation.

A frame tent is great for gatherings large and small. They provide shade and shelter in a way that is both eye-catching and functional. They are available with or without side walls and they are compatible with many of our tent accessories like dance floors, lighting, and stages. Frame tents have a free-span framed roof structure which eliminates the need for center poles. This allows for unrestricted use of the interior space.

When is a frame tent a good fit?

Frame tents offer the most flexibility in terms of available sizes and placement restrictions. Frame tents have a very high wind tolerance due to their strong structural design. They also offer the most anchoring options. They can be staked in grass, dirt, or asphalt; or they can be ballasted with weights. They also require fewer anchor points than a pole tent. Check out this video for information on anchoring options. Frame tents also offer the ability to be place directly against a building or another tent.

What do I need to know before renting a frame tent?

Each of these tents is compatible with our standard tent side walls. The tent tops are made of 17 oz. blockout white vinyl so they are not a good option if you want a translucent top. Because of their size and complexity, they will need to be set-up by our team of tenting professionals. When selecting a site, keep in mind that they must be anchored with stakes in grass, dirt, or asphalt and they need an additional 7′ all the way around for guy lines unless previous arrangements are made for alternate anchoring options. The legs are all 8′ tall unless otherwise noted. If you are looking for a do-it-yourself option, check out our 20′ x 30′ ATC pole tent.

What sizes are available?

The frame tent is available in sizes ranging from 10′ x 20′ to 30′ x 90′. The guide below shows the available sizes and information for each size. The guest capacity can vary greatly depending on layout. If you want round tables comfortably spaced you will not fit as many guests. Or you can optimize your space by using banquet tables set up end-to-end. For events with standing room or theater style layouts (for lectures, ceremonies, etc.) you will be able to fit the most guests.

Available Frame Tent Sizes

Size (Width x Length) Square FeetGuest Capacity
10′ x 20′20016-20 | 40
Not compatible with Dance Floors
20′ x 20′40032-40 | 80Size also available as a Festival Tent.
9′ 8″ legs available on request
20′ x 30′60048-80 | 120 Size also available as a Festival Tent or ATC Canopy
20′ x 40′80064-100 | 160 Size also available as a Festival Tent
20′ x 50′100080-150 | 200
20′ x 60′120096-180 | 240
20′ x 70′1400112-210 | 280
20′ x 80′1600128-240 | 320Additional sizes up to 20′ x 160′ available in 10′ increments.
30′ x 30′90072-120 | 180Size also available as a High Peak Pole Tent
30′ x 45′ 1350108-180 | 270 Size also available as a High Peak Pole Tent
30′ x 60′ 1800144-240 | 360 Size also available as a High Peak Pole Tent
30′ x 75′ 2250180-300 | 450
30′ x 90′ 2700216-360 | 540