If you are looking for the cafe light (or bistro light) look, our globe lights are an excellent solution. Globe light strings feature 2″ globe lights on a white string spaced 12″ apart. These make excellent perimeter lights for tents when you are looking for a dining atmosphere. The bulbs are solid core so they will not shatter, crack, or break. The bulb color is Sun Warm White (2500-2600K) which has a slight amber cast that closely resembles a clear incandescent bulb. Since they are LEDs they use very little power. Up to over 500 bulbs can safely be used on a single power outlet.

These lights work great for any of our tents. We will install them with the tent so you don’t have to worry about a thing! We also have options available for non-tent uses as well. These are not available for self-service over-the-counter rentals.

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