The 3 Station portable restroom rental is an excellent way to provide a clean and comfortable restroom for your outdoor event. It has running water supplied by a hose connection or built in storage tank. It is well lit and even has a radio to play music to fit the mood of your event through AM/FM radio or Bluetooth. Standard porta-potty stations get stiflingly hot, but this luxury Restroom trailer has air conditioning to keep your guests cool and comfortable. The water heater provides warm water for hand washing. It also has heaters for the stalls as well as the pipes and tanks for cold weather use down to 20°F.

Let us help you make your event a success with our luxury restroom trailer!

Special Features

  • Fresh water fill valve
  • Water heater
  • Toilet paper, soap, and paper towel dispensers that come stocked and ready.
  • Seamless gel coat exterior / interior walls, roof, and subfloor
  • Porcelain, pedal flush toilets
  • 1/2″ thick poly propylene waste tank
  • Mirrors over vanities
  • 13,500 BTU air conditioner
  • 5,000 BTU heat strip
  • Large fold out handrails
  • Interior and exterior LED lighting
  • Stainless steel sinks
  • Waterless urinal
  • Metered faucets
  • Fold out one – piece stairs
  • One-piece vinyl flooring

What do I need to have available on site?

  1. Water
    • A standard garden hose can be connected to supply continuous fresh water from a supply up to 70 psi.
    • The 100 gallon water tank can be filled at a nearby water supply before the trailer is positioned when a hose connection is not feasible at the desired restroom location. The water tank must be emptied prior to transport.
  2. Electricity
    • This trailer has several options that each have their own electrical requirements. You can operate the lights, air conditioning, and water pump with just one 110V, 20 amp connection. Additional connections are required to power additional features. Each set of options below require their own 110V connection with a dedicated 20amp circuit.
      1. Lights, radio, air conditioning, and water pump.
      2. Water heater.
      3. Heater for mechanical room and one restroom.
      4. Heater for other two restrooms.
      5. Tank heaters for water and holding tanks (required for cold weather use)
    • Power can be supplied by direct connection to a power outlet at your event site or by using a generator. Ask us about options for generator rentals.
  3. Surface
    • The trailer needs to be positioned in a relatively flat, level area with enough space to hook onto it with a towing vehicle. Avoid areas that could become muddy during a storm, making it difficult to access the trailer when it comes time to remove it.

Pick up, or delivery?

We offer both options for this luxury restroom trailer. We offer delivery and set up to your location as well as cleaning and septic dumping after your event. You can also save money by picking up and returning the unit yourself, as well as returning the trailer clean and dumped. The fresh water tank should always be dumped prior to transport.

Managing the waste

The holding tank can be dumped at any RV sanitary dump site. The dump valve is also compatible with pump trucks. For longer events that may require dumping during the rental period, you can request service from a pump truck company (we can help you arrange this), tow the trailer to a dump site, or we can tow it off site for you and set it back up after it is dumped (Ask about pricing for this service).